Over 50 Applied Research Centre (ARC) Fund grants of $3000 each have been awarded to Langara faculty since 2016. Langara faculty have been awarded over $5 million in research grants in the past 5 years. You can also get course release to conduct research. Faculty can receive funding to hire students for research. Contact Nathan Jones or Kelly Sveinson for more information.


We're also pleased to announce ourARC Fund recipients for Summer 2022:

  • Jeremy Chiu(Mathematics and Statistics) will model the spread of tuberculosis and is involved with Langara's Data Analytics program working with Harris SmartWorks on applied data science projects.

Langara students will be employed to work with these innovative instructors, gaining valuable research skills and experiences.

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As the Langara research community continues to grow, this forum will serve as a hub to share research ideas, resources, experiences, and questions.Join the discussionon Yammer.

Faculty & Instructor Research Inventory Report

In early 2021, ARC conducted an inventory of researchers and research needs at Langara. Seethe reportto learn more and to find out how ARC will support research into the future.