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Online (off campus) Courses

Section numbers will include "W". Example: W03, AW2, BW1. Type and location will be "www". Online classes will be scheduled in one of three ways:

  • Scheduled days and times to meet through an online platform such as Brightspace.
  • No scheduled time to meet, class lectures, and assignments are delivered through an online platform such as Brightspace.
  • 混合安排和不安排的教学。这些部分将标明预定部分的会议日期和时间,“www”将标明课程的非预定部分。

Mixed Mode Courses

We will have some online and some on-campus delivery. These sections will begin with"M". The in-person portion of the course will have scheduled days, times, and room numbers, and the type will be either "Lab" or "Lecture". The online portion will indicate "www" as the location. The online portion may or may not have scheduled meeting times.

Note: On-campus courses require that you be living in the Metro Vancouver area.

Fully On-Campus Courses

Will have section numbers beginning with "0" (zero), "A" or "B". For example, 001, 016, A03. They will have scheduled days, times, and room numbers when classes are held.

Note: On-campus courses require that you be living in the Metro Vancouver area.

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Registration System available from 0100–2100 hours Monday to Sunday, exceptions statedhere.

Please note, the College reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule without prior notice. On occasion, it is necessary to cancel a course or make last minute changes.

Registration Helpline

注册服务热线可以帮助您添加和删除课程,访问Langara的登录页面,以及任何其他特定于注册的查询。If you cannot find the answer to your question in the registration guide, you may call the Registration Helpline:

  • Dates Open: June 16–September 13, 2022
  • Hours Open: Monday–Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Registration Helpline: 604.323.5595

If you need help registering for Continuing Studies courses, please call 604.323.5322.

Key Steps for Registration

Log into web registration. Only log into one device and one browser at a time.

  1. Visit Langara'slogin page
  2. Click onStudent Information System
  3. EnterLangara ID
  4. EnterPIN
  5. Click onSubmit

Activate Your Registration

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  1. Click onRegistration
  2. Click onActivate your Registration Time
  3. Note your earliest Registration Date and Time
    *International Students must have paid their International Student Deposit at least 24 hours prior to activating their registration time.

Register for Courses

Click hereto learn more about registration.

  1. Click onRegister (Add/Drop) Course
  2. Add:"Add Course Worksheet"area, enter the CRN Number(s) of the course(s) you want
  3. Drop:"Your Registration Log"area, select Drop Course in the drop-down list to drop the course
  4. Waitlist: if the course is full, you may selectWaitlistin the drop-down list
  5. Click onSubmit Transactionand repeat as desired
  6. Click onLogout. Logging out prevents registration and security issues.

VisitImportant Registration Dates and Registration Access Schedulefor more information.

Check Waitlist Status

  1. Click onRegistration
  2. Click onCurrently Waitlisted Courses
  3. If you have received an offer and are eligible to register for the course section, you have up until the waitlist notification deadline to register for the course

Note: Check for offers daily.Click hereto learn more about waitlisting for courses.

Pay Your Fees Online

For information about tuition and student fees, please reviewFees Information. Domestic students can visit theDomestic Student Fees page关于如何支付费用的信息。International students can visit theInternational Student Fees page关于如何支付费用的信息。

Important: Check your account the day after to verify all your desired transactions have been successfully completed.

Note: If you do not have access to a personal computer to register, you may access the following computer labs on campus and other internet locations:

  • Langara Library L109
  • Other College labs as schedules permit
  • Local public libraries or internet cafes